SwiftPage and MailChimp

SwiftPage and MailChimp training

Sometimes, people just want to be able to run their own email marketing, and that’s fine. You don’t have to pay us to send out your email campaigns*.

What we can do to help is to show you how to use some of the sophisticated template and reporting tools in MailChimp and Swiftpage.


MailChimp is a super groovy mailing list manager and mail sending software that links up really well with things like Facebook and Twitter, which is once again right up our street. We can show you how to set up a list, create a template and schedule emails as well as get the reports back including Google Analytics analysis, click maps and Facebook and Twitter stats.


The big advantage of SwiftPage is that it does most of the cool stuff other email marketing software does and links smoothly and easily to your Sage ACT! database. It does stuff like produce reports and trigger rules in ACT! that can help you manage response to your campaigns and split campaigns based on a customers profile in ACT!

We can help you not only set up your templates, but also sit down and work out how you want your campaign to work and what business rules you want to trigger based on the responses. We work very closely with a tame ACT! consultant and can help you customise ACT! to work with your campaign for your business.

How we do the training

This sort of training is best done on a 1:1 basis. In that case, probably the easiest way for all of us to work is using Webinar style software to share screens. That saves on travel costs and makes the training easy and flexible. Of course if you want one of us there in person, we can certainly do that as well. Particularly if you are based somewhere hot and sunny!


*We can certainly do that as well; check out our email marketing section.