WordPress 3.8 released

WordPress 3.8 released

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” is released today. This is a major new update to WordPress and significantly changes the admin interface for the better! There are also improvements to theme management and several bugfixes  and updates as well as more support for mobile devices for the admin section.

You should try to keep your WordPress websites as up to date as possible by updating to  the latest WordPress version,  you also need to keep all the plugins and themes up to date as well. Fortunately WordPress lets you do this easily from within the WordPress admin section. But there is a correct procedure for updating that you should follow and that is:

  • Back up your WordPress database and all the files and store them somewhere safe!
  • Deactivate all your plugins
  • Update WordPress
  • Reactivate your plugins one by one

Things rarely go wrong when you upgrade WordPress, but when they do it’s usually to do with a wonky plugin. Taking  a regular backup is a good idea anyway, but sometimes you do need to be able to restore your website. It’s also a very good idea to delete all unwanted themes and plugins so you don’t have to upgrade them!

If you need help with backing up your website or upgrading WordPress Godjira offer this service to all our customers for a Monthly fee of £12 in our Bronze Support Package.

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