Why we use WordPress.

Why we use WordPress.

After a few experiments* with things like Joomla, Drupal and a couple of other Content Management systems, we have pretty much standardised all our managed content websites on the WordPress platform.

* we call this the Dark Ages, about 5 years ago!

The question is why? Why is WordPress so good?

Well there are a number of great reasons to use WordPress.

Firstly it’s FREE and Open Source and in constant development. This is really important. The World Wide Web is still a bit like the Wild Wild West out there and you need to make sure whatever software you are using is being properly maintained and protected.

Secondly it is immensely powerful. You can do pretty much anything with it from a simple blog site to a classified advert site with all points in-between. We’ve built shops, directories, and all sorts using WordPress plug-ins. WordPress scales up really well too, sites like Mashable are built on WordPress and we’ve used Amazon Cloudfront to speed sites up by delivering static content from the cloud.

WordPress lends itself to modern designs really well too, some of the premium themes are actually really good indeed too. If you take a look at some of the best design sites out there then about 40% of them are actually being built on WordPress. We can design sites for WordPress and be completely relaxed about being able to do the technical build of the website. (It helps that we are really good at it too).

WordPress can be a cost effective way of getting your own site built. Our £50 blog hosting package gives you a choice of the hundreds of standard themes that come with WordPress. For a few dollars more, you can choose a premium theme and get lots more functionality built in to your site. In fact if you pay us for a few hours of your time, we can help you set it all up and you can have a WordPress site with a premium theme that will look great, you can edit yourself and add unlimited pages, images and news/blog articles. We can also build you a custom design or fit your existing site design if you don’t want a change, but want the extra power.

One of the greatest things about WordPress is that Google loves it and WordPress loves Google back. WordPress is built from the ground up to work really well with Google; plus you can add Search Engine Optimisation plug-ins and things like the Google +1 plug-in to make sure your site plays the game in exactly the way that Google wants it played. Simply, WordPress sites perform well in Google and by adding regular news or blog articles you are doing exactly what Google wants you to do to keep your site fresh and important.

So we love WordPress. We are WordPress experts; we could write you a plug-in, build you a site and scale your site from an iddy biddy one to a great big one running on it’s own server with cloud delivered content. We can even teach you how to use WordPress yourself in our scheduled classroom training.

To find out more about our scheduled classroom training, our £50 blog hosting offer or to get us to help you build a WordPress site……drop us a line